Sensory themed environment

Themed Environments

Themed Environments

Theme Parks

From the entrance to the queue lines, awaiting your flavor of magic requires each element to band together presenting an illusion that grips the perspectives of reality. SensoryCo offers sensory effects that can enhance your theme in a pervasive manner. Wet effects for roller coasters, scenting systems for allure, spraymotion spritzers for the engagement will leave your patrons begging for their next vacation.

Water Parks

Sprays, splashes, mist and fog combine to cool your guests while captivating their sense of play. Integrating SensoryCo wet and spraymotion effects into your water park can make any water attraction immediately an interactive experience.

Themed Attractions

Multi-layered realities built around innovative environments define each themed attraction you experience. Create a whole new level of fun by integrating layers of sensory effects such as weather effects, scenting systems and spraymotion wet effects into your themed attractions.

Themed Restaurants

Conceptuality turned into a persuasive reality. Dining is already naturally an experience with its wide range of sights, sounds and tastes woven into the environment. Take your themed restaurant to the next level, where captivation and innovation meet at the crossroad of delectable food and fine drinks. Scenting systems that amplify or enhance your intended ambiance or SensoryCo atmospheric effects to set the stage of interaction between environment and guests.

Themed Resorts

“If only these walls could talk.” Well, now they can. Extend your storyline from the room to the communal areas and courtyards. Magically designed resorts created to ‘wow’ with each and every step can become a part of your establishment. SensoryCo theming effect systems deliver the alchemy of your themes providing an escape into a world not completely defined by the drudgeries of the day to day.

Interactive Storytelling

The art of storytelling has long followed author’s intention to reader’s interpretation. From the fires of oral tradition to the performances of modernity, give them a story that delivers such persuasion, they’ll lose the lines of reality. SensoryCo scent effects offer vivid interaction with their olfactory glands, offering a window into your world.

What does fun look like?

A truly multi-sensory experience, fun requires high levels of stimulation. Each sensory element takes your audience down the path of fascination. A constantly varied environment with just enough space to explore, fun requires familiarity while still weaving in the occasional element of surprise. From a park setting to an escape into another world, each theme must carry from conception to interaction. Be resounding in your delivery with the integration of sensory special effects that grab attention and drive guests to a world of excitement that leaves them begging for more.

What does interaction feel like?

It begins with an interest and ends with effect. But what calls on people to interact? It’s a captivating story line; an environment that begs you to answer, respond, question and even reach out and touch. The world of themed environments has been on a roller coaster of change since it all began and has carried us through the rewards of high-tech to the dimension of augmented reality. Each step towards greater innovation is carried by technologies that erase the boundaries of reality and capture as many senses as possible. Our solutions are designed to melt these boundaries to carry your audience’s imagination straight into your story.

Be striking.

You are not the first nor will you be the last. The world of themed environments has long captured the delight and imagination of the world but if you want to keep them coming, you have to be remembered. Capture the nature of memory by the origination of impressions: sight, sound, touch and smell. SensoryCo weather effects, wet effects, and aroma generators offers experiences designed to make them never forget.

Be realistic.

Weaving stories within your environments has to start in a foundation of reality. We make environments more real. Scents that are convincing, weather effects that are powerful, spraymotion spritzers that capture the effects of movement in any setting. Convince your audience magic can really happen.

Be varied.

Our sensory effects start with targeted interaction or macro effects to alter the ambiance. Water, wind, smoke, fog and scent all join to enhance your themed environment, taking it to the next level. Life is a stack of layers and the best experiences have just enough variety. Alter your special effects to truly capture your audience’s attention.


Ambiance Setting

  • ambiance setting weather effects perfect for massive audiences
  • compressed air delivery for 4D rides and ducted scenting systems for larger spaces

Targeted Interaction

  • spraymotion spritzers linked to sensors to precise emissions
  • scenting systems that waft themed scents through your environment