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SensoryCo provides atmospherics technologies, including scenting systems, for immersive entertainment, audio visual integrated 4D, experiential marketing, and simulation & training environments. Our scents and sprays have helped AV integrators, experiential marketing companies, exhibit designers, theme parks and museums add sensory layers to their creations since 2011 when SensoryCo was formed as an independent spinoff of Koolfog (est. 1987).

What are Atmospherics?

In experiential environments, atmospheric elements such as optical features, lighting, noise, and scent can be studied and/or manipulated to produce a physical response and/or cognitive impression. The implementation of atmospherics in multi-sensory spaces enhances guest or audience experiences by creating realistic environments that evoke real emotion and real reaction. Atmospheric components can impress upon customer moods, habits and perceptions. Scenting systems, in particular, have been found to affect memory, reinforce a customer’s desire to buy products or services as well as influence satisfaction resulting in return visits to a venue or activity.

We Make Scents

The human nose is more related to memory than your brain. In fact, the sense of smell can trigger amazing experiences. Our sense of smell is highly discriminating and can distinguish particular aromas as well as recognize familiar scents. Using smell as a catalyst to excite a particular reaction, studies show that the human nose detects and recognizes different smells that increase awareness, stimulate action, and trigger arousal.

SensoryCo scenting technologies tap into the human olfactory system using scent machines that infuse specially formulated fragrances into targeted surroundings. Our palette of scents is unsurpassed in terms of quality and variety, and we carefully craft scent formulas that are as real as possible. These include scents that you may find near an ocean or forest, man-made environmental odors like pollution or wet concrete, a variety of foods and spices, florals or even true to life medical and chemical smells like blood or simulated cyanide.

When creating a comprehensive immersive experience, SensoryCo scenting systems interact with visual, audio, and tactile cues to complete a realistic “happening”. SensoryCo invites you into a world of wonder where the mind opens itself to harnessing the power of scent.

4D Scenting Systems in Action

Smell is all around us. We take delight in the delicious smell of coffee or hint of a fresh baked pastry. We lavish ourselves with fragrant products and essential oils that promise to relax, calm, or invigorate. The scent of a blooming rose, or bouquet of fine wine can be savored in a lingering moment that, at once, can be committed to memory or stored in the subconscious.

SensoryCo clients want to summon similar responses to the experiences created in theme parks, theaters, live entertainment, museum exhibits, and special training facilities. Fully immersive concept attractions that use scenting systems to awaken the senses, completes a multi-sensory experience. Using different scents to capture attention can establish strong connections that give audiences a pleasurable, real event, instance.

Why SensoryCo Scenting?

Scenting systems can be simplistic in design or programmed to be synchronized to affect every single detail in the development of an experiential space. Experiential marketing companies, audio visual integrators, exhibit designers, theme parks and museums use SensoryCo scenting systems to help define the most authentic personal adventures. We work with these professionals to deliver scenting and other atmospheric technologies like spritzers, smoke and weather systems at installations around the globe.

Our team has partnered with some of the industries most inventive imaginations to produce effective and consistent results. We are experts at our craft, creating true atmospherics inspired by human nature and bringing to life the stories that fuel the human sensory experience.

What will your next experience be?

See. Feel. Smell. Real.

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SensoryCo. provides scents, water spritzer effects, weather effects such as mist, rain, haze, and wind as well as smoke & fog effects for 4D theaters, museums, theme parks, exhibits and live productions. All of our systems produce incredible special effects, are easy to configure, easy to implement and perfectly tailored to 4D environments.

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