weather effects


Feel // Weather Effects

Key Highlights

  • Rain, mist effects
  • Flash cooling
  • Fog effects
  • Wind effects
  • Heating effects
  • Proprietary and best-of-breed technologies
  • Customized for 4D theaters, exhibits or productions


Simulating various weather conditions relies on careful design and appropriate technologies. Our weather effects systems provide weather effects that can be spread throughout a 4D theater environment, exhibit or production to completely engulf viewers and increase the fidelity of the experience. Whether we are simulating a gale at sea, providing mist in a jungle, or delivering a blanket of cooling fog in the arctic, our atmospheric effects are a perfect complement to lighting, audio and other technologies.

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Weather can take many forms. Wind. Rain. Mist. Heat. Implemented in outdoor spaces or inside experiential environments and 4D theaters, weather effects are reliant upon careful design.

Testing Fall Time

This video shows a short clip of one of our internal tests. We were measuring the fall length and time of our various nozzle types to determine the appropriateness for a specific theater design.