Posted on Dec 20, 2016

Making Scents of the Brain: Smells and Memory

Does the smell of hot chocolate remind you of cozy afternoons with your grandma? Or a certain perfume takes you back to snuggling with your mom? Research shows that scents…

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Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Engaging Your Audience: Multisensory Effects at Live Events

In an era of constant information and a plethora of distractions, how do you immediately grab and keep your audience’s attention? Command your audience by stimulating their senses beyond sights…

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Posted on Oct 21, 2016

Taking Autumn Scent Effects to the Next Level: Enough with the Pumpkin Spice!

How do you know it’s autumn? Is it the falling leaves? The change in the weather? Or the ubiquitous pumpkin spice scent and flavoring everywhere you look (or smell)? How…

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Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Immersive Experiences: How Are Scent Effects Being Used?

From enticing cinnamon-apple, bacon, and chocolate to calming lavender, eucalyptus and ocean breeze to the harder-to-define baby, Christmas Day and rainforest, smells conjure a variety of feelings and memories. With…

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Posted on Jun 16, 2016

SensoryCo4D Releases Innovative SmX Series Scenting System for More Immersive Multisensory Experiences

SensoryCo, a leading innovator of atmospheric special effects, announces the SmX Series scenting system for next-level sensory integration in experiential marketing and additional 4D endeavors. The SmX Series is ideal…

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Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Taking Amusement to the Next Level with Sensory Effects at Theme Parks

How do you create “fun,” “excitement” and “thrill?” Start with enjoyment that builds…and then add an element of surprise. At SensoryCo, this is our goal when we work with theme…

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Posted on Feb 26, 2016

The Sights, The Sounds, The Smells? Using Sensory Effects in a Museum Setting

Imagine strolling through a museum and looking at the exhibits. It’s fascinating to see into the past, envisioning another time and place. And now, more than just presenting artifacts, museums…

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Posted on Jan 20, 2016

Scent Exploration … A New Frontier

If you ever dreamt of lying in a field of lavender below a grove of citrus blossoms, looking up at the blue sky and taking in the simple sights and…

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Posted on Dec 21, 2015

Smells of the Season: Scent Effects in Marketing

“Visions of sugar plums” conjures an immediate Christmas image for many people, but what about “smells of sugar plums?” Interestingly, that particular scent may not be well-connected to the winter…

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Posted on Dec 3, 2015

I Smell Blackcurrant!

Somebody had to do it. A recent excursion to taste and savor the unique artisan blends of varietals produced prior to this fall’s harvest season was assigned to select SensoryCo…

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