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What Scenting System Do You Need?

There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing the perfect scenting system. The size of your space, the relationship to participants, the natural airflow in the environment, the immediacy required for delivery and other considerations such as method of control. This infographic illustrates some of the concepts that are important to consider during design.


Scenting Systems by SensoryCo

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Scenting Systems for Theming, Live Events, Marketing & 4D

General Aromas

SensoryCo scenting systems cover a wide range of spaces, from small to large, indoors and outdoors, with the ability to target scent delivery to a specific location or diffuse aromas into the background. We also offer a range of control options so that scent delivery is appropriate to each application. It can be as simple as “on” and “off” or interfacing to external systems through an open interface. Whatever your needs, SensoryCo has a system perfectly tailored to your environment.

All SensoryCo systems deliver dry scents eliminating the potential for fallout from atomized oils. And our scent library is extensive. Select from already existing high quality formulations, or, if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask us about custom scent production.

Download our sample scent listing to the right. Or, if you are involved in training & simulation and are interested in the more “exotic” odors or malodors visit the SensoryCo Training & Simulation Web Site.