Sensory Effects for museums


4D Theaters

You can now explain the complexities of the universe by changing your strategy. By using scenting systems, spritzers, weather effects, smoke and fog effects, your 4D theater becomes tangible, reachable and profoundly experiential.

Interactive Exhibitions

The world is changing. With a greater emphasis on first-hand, interactive experiences, adding sensory technologies to your exhibitions will command their attention, and their memory. SensoryCo offers atmospheric enhancements that breathe life into any exhibition for a greater participatory environment.

Macro Settings

Create a resounding ambiance with a background scent perfectly matched to any exhibit. Recreating images and experiences from the past with scenting systems that can seamlessly integrate into any exhibition or room to provide an olfactory backdrop for your displays.

What does history smell like?

From the musty, ancient smells permeating from royal tombs below the pyramids to the sharp scent of gasoline as the first engine roars to life, the art of communicating history extends well beyond what you see and hear. Each subject, idea, person, event or innovation has an explanation as to how it got there. History is, literally, the discipline of everything. Recreating history begins with a technology and ends with an effect. Scenting starts to melt the boundaries of today to recreate the experiences of yesterday, affecting the success of perception in each environment. Our scenting systems for interactive museum exhibits deliver the vividness of the past, moving past the constraints of limited sensory experiences to successfully share the story of our world.

What does culture feel like?

Culture can be thought of as the synthesis between our history and our social environment. The complexity of this construction commands a formidable interdisciplinary study that revolves around concepts of identifying and defining these nuances. Studying history connects us to the greater picture; studying culture allows us to find meaning within ourselves. But what does this feel like? Creating immersion starts with a persuasive atmosphere. Our weather effects, wet effects and scenting systems create much more than a simple impression; it is an experience that is transcendent and authentic. Normal auditory and visual stimulations are limited. Recreate culture by reaching out to touch your audience.

Source: David Barker – Ohio Historical Society

Source: David Barker – Ohio Historical Society

Be unforgettable.

What do you remember?

The strands of history woven into exhibitions all over the country give confessions to the resounding importance of preserving our collective memory. As an institution that has taken on the task of the conservation and communication of these memories, you need to be unforgettable. Our solutions are designed to reach through the linear frames of time and the constraints of minimal sensory stimulation to create a resounding impression.

Be authentic.

We are living in a world where information is at our fingertips. However, accessibility doesn’t necessarily mean reliability. Museums always have and continue to be viewed as an authority that is resilient against fads and trends. But as the world turns around you, the failure to listen to the whispers of change is dangerous. Integrating advanced technologies that allow you to deliver this same knowledge in a way that is unforgettable will allow your message to stand out.

Authenticity also reaches into the realm of re-creation. There will always be a quandary between interacting with what is real and the preservation of ancient artifacts. Re-creation is your solution. We offer weather, smoke/fog, wet effects and scenting systems as aids in re-creating scenes, environments and experiences from the past, projections for the future or to express complicated concepts by tangible means.

Be interactive.

Attention and memory have a close symbiotic relationship; memory is completely reliant on the intensity of attention and attention requires enough memory to make sense of your surroundings. Passive activities or limited observations are not as effective as interactive exhibits. We specialize in enhancing environments to transcend the definition of “experiential,” commanding more focused levels of attention. With custom integration and design collaboration, we are embarking, with you as our partner, towards a revolution of access and retention of historical and cultural information like never before.

This isn’t about higher sales or a rise in revenue. It isn’t about publicity partnerships or marketing magic. It’s about passion; about truth; about connectivity. If we cannot truly understand this world, we’ll never find our place within it.

Weather Effects

  • mist
  • rain
  • fog
  • haze
  • storm
  • wind
  • smoke
  • scalable for macro and micro environments

Wet Effects

  • spraymotion spritzers
  • splashes
  • sprays
  • sneezes
  • spurts
  • scalable for macro and micro environments

Scenting Systems

  • background scents
  • targeted smells
  • custom created or choose from our massive library of aromas