Engaging Your Audience: Multisensory Effects at Live Events

multisensory effects at live eventsIn an era of constant information and a plethora of distractions, how do you immediately grab and keep your audience’s attention? Command your audience by stimulating their senses beyond sights and sounds. Take your meetings, parties, concerts and other occasions to the next level with multisensory effects at live events. SensoryCo is an industry leader, providing an array of scents, weather effects, patent-pending spraymotion water spritzer effects, non-toxic smoke, and fog effects for exhibits, theaters, and live productions.

Grab Them Quickly
Attendees expect to be wowed by multimedia digital presentations with multiple screens, video, and blasting sounds. But imagine an event where guests entered the room and smelled the ambiance you want to convey. Maybe you want a relaxed and playful mood. Or your product is associated with summer. As your attendees enter, they may immediately smell the salty ocean waves and the iconic smell of sunscreen.

Be Memorable
Did you know that memories are intricately tied to smells? The olfactory lobe in the brain is closely associated with the part of the brain that controls memories and emotions. So, smells can trigger memories and influence mood. Incorporating smell effects into your live event can either help trigger a particular feeling in your audience and/or help connect your product to a certain mood or memory. Imagine if after your event, every time those attendees smell the particular scent you used, they think of your company, product or event.

Add the Element of Surprise
Multisensory effects at live events add unexpected elements, engaging more of the senses and creating a more immersive and dramatic experience. Incorporating fog effects or spraymotion (a choreographed series of misting effects) will generate a completely different level of interaction than audio visual effects alone. Concerts and festivals become a magical fantasy with the addition of multisensory effects.

Partner with SensoryCo
The pressure to produce a unique and memorable live event is stronger than ever. Adding layers of experience and multisensory effects at live events makes them more engaging, more realistic, and more memorable. SensoryCo can help your company combine scent effects, smoke effects, fog and wet effects for an alluring, impactful event that brings your vision to life.

About the author

Bryan Roe Author: Bryan Roe is the founder and President of SensoryCo, a leader in atmospheric special effects for experiential and 4D environments. SensoryCo designs and delivers special effects systems - creating realistic smells and smoke and weather effects such as mist, rain, haze, heat, and wind. Through these developments, Bryan offers an unparalleled experience for both immersive training solutions and entertainment effects. Google