Smell technology at live events
Live Events

Live Events

Special Events

Honor the atmosphere of exclusivity by incorporating wet effects, fog and scenting technologies.


It’s meant to be a dramatic production. Use the type of special atmospheric effects that will leave your audience with an engaged interaction that they’ll never be able to forget.


An event designed to recreate a fantasy slightly detached from reality. Enrapture their attention with spraymotion and scent effects that bring their vision to life.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are becoming closer to home and shorter than ever due to costs, time constraints and a highly valued in-office time. Make your corporate get-togethers alluring and interactive with SensoryCo’s sensory technologies.


A fourth dimension in cinematic captivation. Wet effects and spraymotion technology create an atmosphere of interaction, facilitating memories that will never be replaced.

What does attention smell like?

The relationship between attention and memory is an intimate interdependent relationship; each strand of focus woven together creates the tapestries of our memories. Technology trends like social media and advanced digital gadgetry can block opportunities for face-to-face interactions, limiting the time in which to deliver your message. Command your audience by stimulating their senses. Employing smell and touch moves you beyond normal auditory and graphic stimulations to an all-immersive event experience. So, what does attention smell like? A consistent flow of the exchange of ideas and relationships. Some may describe it as some type of allure, we like to think it comes in many fragrances.

Be engaging.

There is one sentiment that remains a constant: constant change. We have entered an era where capturing and retaining your audience’s attention is becoming more and more difficult. As event productions trends towards a highly interactive approach, event planners are reaching towards the latest technologies to keep up with audience demands and desires. In a fast-paced, global world where a tap of the finger takes an audience member across the world, you need to be engaging. Reach out and grab attention by stimulating the origination of perception: the senses.

Be breathtaking.

In the process of sharing an idea, a passion, a product or a call to action you need to make an impact. Immersive productions designed to take their breath away starts with an idea and ends with an effect. In between is where we fit in: technology systems that breathe life into your creativity to take their breath away.

Be varied.

We make environments more real. But what is real? We see it as a multi-layered experience sprinkled with sensory elements that capture focus. Life is varied; it’s what makes it so engaging. Make your live event as realistic as possible. Wet effects, fog, smoke and scent combine to recreate the engagement of reality in a setting designed to be unforgettable.

Wet Effects

  • fog
  • haze
  • smoke
  • sprays
  • custom integration to any design

Aroma Generators

  • aroma library packed with appropriate fragrances for any setting
  • custom integration into any design
  • small to large scale delivery
  • indoor and outdoor

Micro & Macro

  • individualized wet, smoke and scenting effects can be in your face


  • a background, ambiance setting effect