Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Promotional Marketing

Pens and stickers don’t work anymore. Promoting a brand or concept requires more than traditional strategies. Use atmospheric effects that deliver the subtleties of your brand straight to the neuro-receptors of your target audience.

Mobile Tour Marketing

On tour marketing can heighten word of mouth, one of the most effective methods of brand marketing. Make a dramatic tour with scenting systems that are tailored to perform in any environment.

Outdoor Digital Marketing

With the ability to easily cover large outdoor spaces, SensoryCo’s aroma generators can compliment any existing outdoor digital marketing display. Control the essence of your brand and release a precise concept at exactly the right moment by using the element of aroma.

Video Wall Experience

An immersive experience surrounded by the impact of imagery can only be made more enduring with the use of scent effects. You’ve already captured their sight and perhaps auditory perception; capture the power of their olfactory system as well.

Interactive Displays

Marketing kiosks reach out and grab their attention using the subtlety of scent. SensoryCo scenting solutions and spraymotion spritzers can be triggered by precisely positioned sensors for dramatic effect.

What does brand feel like?

It’s about becoming immortal. Only you understand the nuances of the brand you’re trying to define, why it’s special and the incredible potential it carries. Communicating such passion and enthusiasm should not be limited by the boundaries of perception. Enter experiential marketing. Capturing such enduring excellence requires moving beyond the restraints of normal branding, to a world of heightened experience. Because at the end of the day, a brand is not just a product or a service; it is means to an end experience where action, loyalty and purpose live. Sensory systems designed to awaken their senses will enhance your brand development to inject your message straight into their minds.

What does motivation smell like?

You want people to be motivated. But such an emotional reaction requires a creative process that joins emotion and presentation in a synthesis of impression. So how do you tap into emotion, striking the catalyst of motivation into your potential clients? We say: use the senses. A quality that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, our senses are processed in an emotional way that leads to profound attachment. In a multi-layered approach, SensoryCo’s atmospheric effects enhance this attachment leading to changes in behavior. It’s advanced, it’s dramatic, it’s impressionable.

Be dramatic.

It’s always been in the presentation. Make your experiential marketing stand out by incorporating sensory effect technologies that move your potential customers. When you successfully command their full attention, they will remember you.

Be interactive.

“Participatory” is this generation’s theme. Your audience demands a role, give them what they desire. SensoryCo sensory effects can be woven into any concept and can deliver scents, sprays, wet and weather effects to large areas or focus on “in your face” action.

Be purposeful.

A product or service is only successful if has attributes of allure and purpose; in other words, it has to really do what you say it does…or else. Communicate your brand by making the environment of communication more real. SensoryCo makes environments more realistic by adding sensory stimulations that mimic the same variances in real life. Rain, fog, smoke and smells are combined to enhance your environments, giving purpose to your experiential marketing techniques, much like the elements of real life.

Weather Effects

  • mist
  • fog
  • haze
  • drizzle

Scenting Marketing

  • A surprisingly large library of fragrances
  • Authentic aromas you won’t believe aren’t real

Spraymotion Technology

  • Interactive water motion
  • Easily added to production control systems
  • Splatter and splashes activated by reliable sensors
  • Targeted indoor to large outdoor effects