Special Effects for 4D theaters

4D Theaters

4D Interactive Cinematic Adventures

From the first step into the dimly lit room to the finale, each element blends together to create a fourth dimension in cinematic experiences. Adding layers of sensory stimuli to captivate your audience harnesses the sentiment of adventure, creating a level of interaction found nowhere else.

Immersion Theaters

Sensory effects engage your entire perception. SensoryCo offers an all immersive strategy with the employment of scenting systems, weather effects and spray motion effects that will leave your audience satisfyingly entertained and thoroughly invigorated.

4D Simulations

Each strand of reality is a layer of sensory stimulation. Strip away the layers and be found startled by the persuasion of simulated environments. SensoryCo helps build the layers of simulated realities with the essence of scent, the touch of spraymotion spritzers and the feel of weather effects.

What does immersion feel like?

Immersive stories began around the fires of our elders. As the flames danced before our sight, scents and smells from incense, oils and burning wood were purposefully used to carry listeners straight into the scenes of our past. As oral traditions have given way to a more visual delivery method, the desire for a captivating story still breathes in the center of theaters, cinemas and themed environments. Today, technological innovations have given a pathway for a whole new kind of experience. The feeling of immersion begins with what you hear and see, but ends with an experience that touches every sense. spritzer effects sync with onscreen movements, scenting systems emit strategically purposed aromas from cues during the film. An entire atmosphere of weather effects grace every nerve with the feelings of rain, mist, fog, haze or a storm-like effect.

Be authentic.

Authentic re-creation begins with persuasion. Technologies that do not deliver authentic sensory effects can leave your audience disappointed at best; never to return again at worse. Whether you’re intentions are for entertainment or education, successfully commanding your audience’s attention requires a level of authenticity that is compelling. 4D theater and simulation technologies are only one part of the package. Product design and ease of integration is the final influence in successful delivery. Our atmospheric effects are capable of delivering to both macro environments and targeted experiences. Integration is straightforward and our product design provides a rapid development environment for our clients.

Be unforgettable.

It’s easy to be overlooked. Thoughtful synthesis of multiple sensory elements commands a greater focus of attention; the greater the attention, the stronger the memory. Surrounding your audience with multiple sensory layers will leave them with an impression that goes deeper than normal auditory and visual experiences. In an age of aggressive tactics aimed at grabbing their attention, you need to stand out.

As you enter into the theater, the smell of popcorn hits your face. The experience begins as you enter the doors, and is expounded with each step you take. As you turn the darkened corner to view the stretch of movie seats before you, excitement begins its surge. Each step; each stimulation; even each scene before the movie starts builds to create an experience. Each layer of technology, from the sound system to the SensoryCo aroma generators, adds a dimension of captivation that successfully weaves any story into an interactive production. The process begins as a story, is catalyzed by scenting systems, weather effects and spraymotion spritzers to develop a 4D theater or simulation that is an all-immersive experience.

Weather Effects

  • mist
  • rain
  • fog
  • haze
  • shower
  • sprinkles
  • torrent
  • drizzle

Scenting Systems

  • dry scent delivery
  • exhaustive list of aromas
  • multiple system options for creative integration
  • rapid development environment
  • scent library management

Wet Effects

  • spraymotion sprays or spritzers
  • overhead or in your face
  • sequenced to on-screen motion
  • rapid development environment
  • spraymotion library management